Representative kantarou kurosawa

What is Kenseikan Karate?

To the last, while sticking to the main part of "Karate to become stronger", not only healthy people but also healthy people
Spreading karate that anyone with disabilities can do, from children to middle ages, regardless of age or gender
I have been aspiring to this day.  In a murderous era, dressed in a white dogi and innocent
I sweat, and there are excuses and deceptions that only martial arts karate has
There is a "truth" that doesn't work, the mind and body, the real in the extreme road
I would like to play a part in the formation of a really strong human being who can have kindness.
Let's take a step together from today, not tomorrow.  Osu


International Welfare Karate Federation Kenseikan



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1-284-2 Mutukawa, Minami-ku, Yokohama-City,Kanagawa-Ken


Telephone: 045-715-9096